Be there for others but never leave yourself behind. Dodinsky (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


so when are we gonna stop pretending beer tastes good

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It is only ten o’clock at night.
And I stare at my wall
wondering where
it all went wrong.
The urge to grab my
razor blade
from its
oh so secret
hiding spot
is almost
Twenty minutes later
and I am giving in to
I grab the blade
and flick it open.
I trace my barely
healed scars.
They are only
a week old.
I bite my lip
and take a
calming breath.
I rip the blade across
my wrist,
I continue
until my skin
is raw and
stained a dark
bloody red.
I pause
and then add
a few more.
I walk to the bathroom,
rinse off my skin,
and clean up my
pathetic mess.
I bandage my cuts
to the best of my
I slip on my
sweat pants
and sweater.
I lay down in bed
and cry myself to sleep.
I know I am
Not everybody
says it
but you can
simply tell
by the look in
their eyes.
I fall asleep.
I wake up the next morning
and stare at the
raw skin
and dried blood.
I go to school
and plaster a
onto my face.
Nobody knows.
Not that they would
care. i’m getting worse (via darling-im-slipping)

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Some people state that they want to be happy
I’ve come to realize happiness for what it is, an emotion, and an emotion can’t be trapped
To be human is to experience the full spectrum of human emotions
I want the blood, sweat, and the tears. The battles and the struggles. I want to push on to new and greater things.